Next Saturday, Celebrate Local Sustainability Initiatives in McCarren Park

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Photo credit: Facebook/Town Square


Been meaning to track down Brewla Bars, the new popsicles brewed with tea, espresso and root beer? Or maybe you’re curious about grass fed beef jerky, Two Boots pizza or all-raw bars and granola. Either way, head to McCarren Park on Saturday, June 6 from 12:00—4:00 p.m. for Go Green!: a Greenpoint festival raising awareness about area sustainability initiatives, bringing the community together and organizing free performances and fitness classes for the neighborhood.

The festival, produced by the nonprofit Town Square, features educational tables organized into categories like transportation, energy, food and open spaces. This year, they’re working on turning this spreadsheet into an accessible infographic that maps out local sustainability initiatives. “The idea is to understand where there are gaps, overlaps and, above all, to engage the community in a dialogue about the issues and opportunities,” team member Charlotte Binns said in an email. A one-stop road map to all eco-friendly organizations in Brooklyn? Yes, please.

The Brooklyn Kitchen will be giving a cooking lesson and Town Square will be hosting panels all day on topics like community engagement, greening our schools and open space. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn about the Brooklyn sustainability landscape and try capoeira in the park.

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