A Food Book Fair So Good We Wish We Could Take Credit

This food book fair is so far up our alley, we wish we could say we’d planned it!  The roster of participants includes countless Edible contributors–George Weld (writer, farmer, owner of egg and Parish Hall), Raquel Pelzel (author of Preserving Wild Foods), and Amy Cortese (author of Locavesting) among them–plus chefs, editors, bloggers and other movers and shakers in the food movement (Jessamyn Rodriguez, founder of Hot Bread Kitchen, Marion Nestle, professor and author of Food Politics, etc.).

The fair kicks off tonight at the Wythe Hotel and runs through Sunday, featuring book signings, tastings, dinners and speakers, some on topics we dare say haven’t been covered elsewhere (“Food and Fatherhood”?).  Get more info and tickets here.

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