East New York Gardeners Needed for a New Farm Site and Weekly Market Stands

Photo courtesy East New York Farms!

It’s not often there’s a call for city farmers, but East New York Farms!–read more about the eastern Brooklyn community farming/farmer’s market here–has put out exactly that. The group is expanding their acreage to a now-vacant lot on the corner of Hendrix and Livonia Avenues and wants to work with experienced city growers who might want to produce for the group’s weekly seasonal farmers market. You must be a resident or gardener of East New York to apply. Once it’s in the works, they’re hoping for volunteers to help build out the site, to boot. Foragers take note: The spot is currently full of knotweed the organizers hope to soon make disappear.

Applications are due May 1st at 6:30 PM. If you have questions, contact david@eastnewyorkfarms.org, or 718-649-7979 ex 12. You can download the application here.
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