This Winter, NYC Chefs to Showcase Buri (Japanese Yellowtail)

Six Great Chefs, Six Amazing Restaurants, One Exquisite Fish

Several Edible Manhattan representatives participated in a New York City event on January 16th and relished the culinary demonstrations by chefs, including Chef Sol Han from Little Mad and Chef Preston Clark from Lure Fishbar, showcasing the art of preparing delectable Buri dishes. This immersion in culture through the lens of culinary expertise epitomizes the uniqueness of our city.

Buri, also known as Japanese yellowtail or hamachi, holds a sacred, centuries-old place in Japanese culinary traditions; often, the deep-water delicacy graces tables during important celebrations. While the elusive, wild-caught Japanese yellowtail used to be a rare find in the U.S., recent breakthroughs in sustainable aquaculture have made the treasured fish more accessible than ever. This winter, see what all the excitement is about. In both New York City and Los Angeles, some of the greatest chefs in the U.S. will be showcasing Japanese hamachi at their restaurants with specially created dishes.

Lure Fishbar: A Symphony of Flavors by Executive Chef Preston Clark

Step into the world of exquisite culinary craftsmanship at Lure Fishbar, where Executive Chef Preston Clark, recognized by the New York Times as one of the 16 Black chefs changing the food landscape in America, presents “Hamachi Crispy Rice.” This dish is a harmonious blend of crispy rice crackers supporting marinated hamachi, each promising a journey of texture and taste.

Little Mad: Chef Sol Han’s Playful Creation

Head Chef Sol Han at Little Mad, a playful Korean-American restaurant in NoMad, presents the “Yellowtail Pond—Buri, Asian Pear Sesame Dressing, Scallion Oil.” Here, the fish is skillfully sandwiched between slices of Asian pear, creating a whimsical presentation that mimics the fish swimming on the plate.

Oceans: Executive Chef Andy Kitko’s TSUNAMI of Flavor

Executive Chef Andy Kitko from Oceans invites you to experience the “TSUNAMI”—a chilled buri dish featuring thinly sliced, charred hamachi accompanied by the harmonic flavors of ponzu oil and jalapeño sauce.

Ma•dé: Chef Luisa Caicedo’s Toast to Elegance

At the newly opened Ma•dé, Chef Luisa Caicedo crafts a culinary masterpiece with the “Hamachi Toast.” Indulge in the juicy buri topping a crispy baguette; the dish offers satisfying richness and elegant presentation.

Wayan: Fusion of Flavors at its Finest by Chef Cédric Vongerichten

Experience the fusion of modern French cuisine and the exotic atmosphere of Indonesia at Wayan, where Chef Cédric Vongerichten prepares the “Yellowtail Tartare.” This raw hamachi dish incorporates Indonesian sambal and black rice and is adorned with a bouquet of various edible flowers—it’s a truly unique culinary experience.

15EAST @ Tocqueville: Unparalleled Japanese Fusion by Chef Marco Moreira

Venture into the realm of French fusion at 15EAST @ Tocqueville, a restaurant offering a unique “Trio of Japanese Yellowtail, Avocado Mousse, Chive Yuzu Dressing.” This exploratory preparation by Chef Marco Moreira allows patrons to savor three different parts of buri, an experience unparalleled in its exclusivity.

Los Angeles Chefs Showcase Buri Brilliance

Not to be outdone, six chefs from renowned Los Angeles restaurants present their special buri creations. For more detailed information and to explore their buri menus, visit their official website.