My New York Food: Murray Hill



In my comedy act, I love to say, “I’m half-Italian… ” and grab my belly, give it a li’l jiggle, “… this half!” My one true love has always been Italian food. I can thank my Nana for introducing me to lasagna, ravioli, pizza, and pizzelles. Just so you know, pizzelles contain the four major food groups: flour, butter, oil, and sugar.

I’ve lived in Brooklyn more than half of my life, and every time I walk into the old-school neighborhood Italian joint Bamonte’s, I’m transported right back to being a kid (over) eating pasta with my Nana. Brooklyn has changed so much, but Bamonte’s remains the same. Next time you go, look in the corner—you just might see me, an adult kid, smiling ear to ear enjoying handmade raviolis.

Tell ’em Murray sent ya.

—Murray Hill

Illustration by Mallory Heyer