Tell Us What #WaterMeans to You for a Chance to Win Two Tickets to Edible Good Spirits

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Water means a lot to us here at Edible, which is why we’re so proud to have partnered with Finlandia Vodka as they work to promote clean water with their Journey from the Source video series. Now, we want to hear what #WaterMeans to you.

We’ve combed through the Edible archives to show you what #WaterMeans to some of our favorites: conscientious eaters and drinkers, fishermen and farmers. Here’s what we’ve found:

Enjoying NYC’s famous tap water. Photo credit: Melina Hammer.

To people who care about the health of our bodies and environment:

  • #WaterMeans filling up at the tap, because New York “is one of only five American cities awarded a filtration avoidance determination by the EPA, government-speak that means the water is naturally and exceptionally clean.”
  • #WaterMeans a healthy and refreshing alternative to soda (a 12-ounce can of which will set you back 140-calories), and a way to water down the rates of obesity and diabetes.
It doesn’t get much fresher than this. Photo courtesy of Dock to Dish

To friend-of-Edible, Dock to Dish:

  • #WaterMeans community-based fisheries and direct connections between small-scale fishermen and the local families and restaurants they serve.
  • #WaterMeans sustainably sourced and as-fresh-as-can-be fish.
Vegetal abundance at a local farmers market. Photo credit: Doug Young

To local farmers:

  • #WaterMeans everything—try growing something without it!
  • #WaterMeans successful seasons and economic survival, which—considering farming is a larger contributor to New York’s economy than any other state economy in the country—really supports the economic strength of us all.
Mid-summer vines on Long Island. Photo courtesy of Kontokosta Winery

To winemakers:

  • #WaterMeans that, “although our wet climate provides us with agricultural problems like fungal diseases, it also engenders structural elements in our wines that make them unique, special and delicious.”

Want to tell us what #WaterMeans to you? Show us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter using the #WaterMeans hashtag, and we’ll enter you for a chance to win two general admission tickets to Good Spirits on March 3!

So send us those snaps of your favorite beaches, cocktails, and watering holes—and get ready to clink glasses #4PureWater with us in March.

This post was made possible by Finlandia Vodka.

Marissa Finn

When Marissa was a little girl, she threw her bottle and pacifier down the stairs and begged for "real food." More than two decades later, her passion for real food has grown into a part of her everyday life. Marissa graduated in May 2014 with a Masters in Food Studies from NYU, where she focused her research on food politics and food culture. She has taught children’s nutrition, gardening and cooking classes for the past four years, and she will spend the next academic year as a FoodCorps service member in Guilford County, North Carolina.

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