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We’re just days away from sending our drinks issue to press, but we need your help deciding on the perfect cover. We can’t wait to share stories including a vodka-focused tour of Brighton Beach, buried treasure from Dead Horse Bay and a sober lounge in Bed-Stuy.

See our options above and below, cast your vote and spread the word in support of your favorite. We reserve the right to make the final call, but put a lot of weight on what you readers have to say.

The captions below correspond to the gallery photos above, starting with the photo of the three small vodka glasses and moving left to right:

  1. A vodka tour of Brighton Beach, option 1 (three shot glasses) — Matt Furman
  2. Canticles Lounge, option 1 (red mocktail) — Dorn + Carbone
  3. Dead Horse Bay, option 1 (clear bottle) — Scott Gordon Bleicher
  4. A vodka tour of Brighton Beach, option 2 (hand holding vodka glass) — Matt Furman
  5. Dead Horse Bay, option 2 (green bottle) — Scott Gordon Bleicher
  6. Canticles Lounge, option 2 (mocktail with orange slice)  — Dorn + Carbone
  7. Dead Horse Bay, option 3 (three green bottles) — Scott Gordon Bleicher
  8. A vodka tour of Brighton Beach, option 3 (purple glasses) — Matt Furman
  9. Dead Horse Bay, option 4 (brown bottle) — Scott Gordon Bleicher
  10. A vodka tour of Brighton Beach, option 4 (vodka bottles on bar) — Matt Furman

Can’t see the form below? Try this link.

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