Where We’re Eating: July 12, 2014

It’s certainly feeling like midsummer these days—a little sticky, a little muggy, a little slower and, some nights, too hot to cook. When that’s the eminent feeling (similar, we think, to the feeling that okays Birkenstocks as evening-wear in the summer), Edible’s editors like to leave the cooking to someone else. Here’s where we’re eating right now.

VIDEO: Great GoogaMooga Food: Northern Spy Food’s Egg Begley Jr. | food.curated. | Reserve Channel (Youtube)
Speaking of easy summer eating, take a cue from the former executive chef over at Northern Spy, Hadley Schmitt, and make yourself an egg sandwich with kale hash and chimichurri for breakfast this weekend. He does his with a sous vide egg, but we think that a plain old sunny-side-up would be pretty delicious, too.

Betsy Davidson: The Purple Elephant Cafe, Northport
This week, for the second time within as many weeks, I am heading to The Purple Elephant Cafe in Northport. The “excuse” for this visit is to do some issue strategizing with photo editor, Doug Young. Truth be told, I have been dreaming about their Rasta Sliders (hemp seed crusted yellow fin tuna, spicy slaw and papaya on potato buns) since my last visit. Washed down with a glass of their organic sangria and it’s a sublime summer lunch.

Marissa Finn: The Pavilion, Manhattan
On that stormy, dark, the sky-just-opened-up evening last week, I met a few friends at The Pavilion in Union Square. I arrived feeling like a wet dog, with fully saturated socks and pants. But even on the ugliest night possible, it was so worth the trip. Most of their food is sourced from the market a few steps away, and the two dishes I had were prepared flawlessly. Next time I’ll just have to be sure to go on a Monday so I can order the weekly Duck Sausage special from Hudson Valley Duck Farm.

Lauren Wilson: Los Gemelos and Palateria Fernandez, Westchester
These days, I’m often up in Westchester to grill out with my boyfriend’s family. When we’re not tossing steaks, pizza dough or sugar-coated halved peaches on the Weber, we’re suckers for a good taco or two. Our favorite spot is a restaurant in Port Chester called Los Gemelos where the owners have been making fresh tortillas since 2000. They prepare the meats in the classic Mexican tradition and serve heaping portions at just a short stone’s throw from the downtown train station. Although delicious, their sangria is pretty pricey, but if you’re in for the treat, it pairs well with a couple of carnitas tacos. The best dessert is actually a short walk away at Palateria Fernandez, which serves paleta, or a Latin-American ice pop made with anything ranging from fresh fruit to turmeric. Their spicy pops — if you’re into that — are a must.

Eileen M. Duffy: The Lunch Truck, North Fork
This may be the third time I’ve written about this hot dog, but damn do I love the hot dog from the Lunch Truck parked in the back parking lot of North Fork Table and Inn. First of all, it’s on a mushy split roll from Blue Duck Bakery that they butter and griddle. The all-beef dog is from Hartmann’s, a tender inside enclosed by a casing that satisfyingly snaps when you bite it. Five bucks. For 50 cents to $1 more, you can add chili, pepper jack cheese, apple cider vinegar glazed onions, house made sauerkraut or the bread and butter pickle relish with fresh dill. Truck owner Claudia Fleming says the onions are to die for, but I’ll probably never try them, because then I’d miss the chance to have the relish, and it’s the best. I top it with Gulden’s mustard, which is the only mustard to put on a hot dog. And the Lunch Truck knows when to leave well enough alone.

Amy Zavatto: Commander Cody’s, Shelter Island
I’ve been high-tailing it out to eastern LI pretty much every weekend so far, and as is my summer ritual, I will eat seafood my fingernails begin to resemble sea shells. One of my favorite stops: Commander Cody’s on Shelter Island for Jimmy Hayward¹s totally delicious smoked bluefish.

Gabrielle Langholtz: Northern Spy, Manhattan
I lived on East 12th Street & Avenue B a decade ago, back before you could find a decent cup of coffee there for love or money. I left too soon—before Hearth, Back Forty, Terroir, Momofuku, Northern Spy, Pouring Ribbons and Alder made that stretch one of the most delicious in Manhattan. I was back on my old block last week for a lovely market-driven dinner at Northern Spy, where the scallop crudo with edible violets was sublime and the celery cocktails kept the conversation flowing for hours. But honestly, I didn’t need any of that. Because damned if that kale salad, studded with cheddar, sweet potato and almond isn’t still my desert-island dish. I could easily eat it three times a day for the next thirty years. Too bad my old storefront apartment is now a cell-phone store.

Carrington Morris: Potlikker, Brooklyn
Can’t stop thinking about Potlikker‘s Midwest Burger, served with fried cheese curds and pickles. The burger gets a mind-bending smoke treatment complemented by precision counterpoints of sweet and sour. Juicy, tender with just the right amount of fight and yield. It’s luscious and everything I ever wanted. The entire menu is delicious and one of a kind, but this one’s a real scene stealer.

Meanwhile, the pink fluorescence glows in from their beautiful neon sign setting a dreamy ambience drifting in like a fog through the giant open windows. Reckon I’ll be there soon.

Photo: Carrington Morris

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