RECIPE: Red Jacket Old-Fashioned from Hella Bitter


In our current drinks issue, we share the story behind Hella Bitter, a two-year-old artisanal bitters company based out of Long Island City. Hella infuses two flavors – citrus, which “outshines other orange bitters on the market,” and aromatic, “the rock star of the bunch.”

Though they offer some great food and drink recipes on their site (Candied Bitter Bacon, anyone?), Hella has given us a sneak peek into their newest seasonal recipe, the Red Jacket Old-Fashioned. Check out the recipe below, read our feature and then host the best holiday cocktail party ever.

Red Jacket Old-Fashioned


2 ounces rye
1/2 ounce boiled cider*
2 dashes Hella Bitter Aromatic
1 dash Hella Bitter Citrus
Orange peel garnish

In rocks glass combine rye, boiled cider and bitters. Stir gently. Add ice 3/4 up glass. Stir gently for about 8 seconds. Garnish with thick orange peel.

*Boiled cider is an old-school New England recipe. It is a commitment to make but worth it if you have the time, and it keeps indefinitely in the fridge.

Basic recipe for boiled cider
Ingredients: 1 gallon cider

In a heavy-bottomed pot bring cider to boil—cook uncovered for 4 to 5 hours stirring occasionally. It will start to thicken in the last hour, and at this point you’ll have to stir it a little more so it doesn’t burn. It’s done when it coats the back of a spoon. If you don’t have time to make it, you can order it online. Morris Kitchen makes a spiced apple syrup that’s an acceptable replacement.

Kate Findlay-Shirras

Kate is a non-fiction producer with a soft spot for the sea. She created to promote sustainable seafood practices in her community.

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