Diner’s Journal Needs Your Help to Fund Their Upstairs Art Space by Saturday

Up above Marlow & Sons at 81 Broadway you’ll find the home of Diner’s Journal, the  magazine created with help from DinerRomans and Marlow and Sons & Daughters. It’s also the home of This Must Be the Place, an arty community space led by Anna Dunn, the editor-in-chief of Diner’s Journal for whatever type of free event feels right: art, storytelling, lectures, parties, classes and so on. Up till now, she’s basically been staffing the place herself, but a Kickstarter campaign that ends on Saturday will help them raise funds for heating the place and keeping the lights on, food and booze for events, plus materials for at least 12 art projects over the year. If you want to help keep the space free, donate right here: As of this posting, they need less than $1,000 to reach their $24,000 goal. A mere $15 scores you a drawing of a cyclops by Diner/Marlow/Roman’s partner Andrew Tarlow.




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