Help Egg Restaurant Keep Their Upstate Farm Well-Watered (The Payoff is on Your Plate)

These greens just might’ve been grown by the house!

When we last wrote about Egg in 2009, the sliver of a shop run by South Carolinian George Weld on N. 5th Street in Williamsburg, he’d recently bought a farm upstate in Greene County and was struggling with taking care of his new fields. In the four years since he bought it, his own produce–cherry tomatoes, curly fresh greens, slender beans, fat limas–have made their way onto the menu alongside his ham and cheese biscuits, pancakes and eggs, fried chicken and pimento cheese, both in daily specials and in a series of farm dinners the place, now called Goatfell Farm, occasionally offers.

Now Weld is hoping to increase his yields even further by adding an irrigation system, an expensive undertaking he hopes to help fund through a Kickstarter campaign that has just a few days left to go. There are plenty of awesome incentives–dinners at the farm, Egg t-shirts, recipes–so take a peek at the farm video and consider donating to help keep farm-to-table well-watered on North Fifth.

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