Michael Harlan Turkell

Michael Harlan Turkell is a former photo editor of Edible Brooklyn, who walked the borough in sights of cultural cuisine at its best. Now he travels the world doing the same, bringing these ideas and foods to light as a photographer.

Brooklyn Grange Apiary Project on Kickstarter

Brooklyn Grange may have single handedly propelled the rooftop farming movement into headlines, creating a tipping point of sorts for urban agriculture. And now the folks behind rooftop fresh lettuce have set out to alter the ecosystem once again, this time by saving some fellow plant lovers–the bees!

Local Painter Puts Edible Spin on Baseball Cards

It’s no secret that we at Edible love all things, well, edible. But sometimes even a piece of paper can bring a smile to our faces. Such was the case with these food-themed baseball cards, part of the Edible All-Stars series created by Brooklynite Amelie Mancini, 29, owner of Left Field Cards.