Brooklyn Grange Apiary Project on Kickstarter

Brooklyn Grange may have single handedly propelled the rooftop farming movement into headlines, creating a tipping point of sorts for urban agriculture. And now the folks behind rooftop fresh lettuce have set out to alter the ecosystem once again, this time by saving some fellow plant lovers–the bees!

Through their latest Kickstarter project, the people behind the Brooklyn Grange Apiary Project hope to raise $20,000 to start a full-scale beebreeding operation. The funds they raise will cover the cost of bees, hives and bee keeping equipment like smokers and safety masks. It’s a hefty sum, to be sure, but the idea is to create an apprenticeship program where “aspiring urban beekeepers” can sign up for free to learn how to raise bees and then go on to care for their own bees (a local breed suited for New York City’s climate) and mentor other future beekeepers. What’s not to love about an idea like that?

Learn more about the project here and if you’ve got a few bucks to spare, why not put ’em to good use? Save the bees!

Michael Harlan Turkell

Michael Harlan Turkell is a former photo editor of Edible Brooklyn, who walked the borough in sights of cultural cuisine at its best. Now he travels the world doing the same, bringing these ideas and foods to light as a photographer.

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