5 New York Staycations That Feel Like Actual Vacations

You can go out for an Aperol Spritz or make yourself a few at home for a nice escape.

When you live in Brooklyn, it can be disorienting to wake up in Manhattan—in the best of ways. Just one morning in a new neighborhood can refresh you, even when you open your laptop to the same old emails in a different café and sip a strange coffee roast. This brief dip into novelty, without having to get on a plane, is what made me leap at the offer from the ever-expanding Pod Hotels to stay at their 39th Street location for a night. I ate at April Bloomfield’s Salvation Taco, had drinks on the secluded roof and slept in a very small room that nonetheless granted me a new view on the city I call home. Without deciding to go, would I have gone to Lincoln Center for a movie or walked through Central Park that day? Nope.

Everyone deserves such a treat now and then, so we’ve gathered a few ideas for how to do it—without breaking the bank, and with. From a drink at home to an app that lets you book last-minute rooms at the best hotels, here’s how you can escape your New York.

If you can afford some booze, make an Aperol Spritz.
At Santina, in the Meatpacking District, you can try their new frozen take on the classic that adds mint for a more refreshing spin along with a big array of seafood. Or you can just pick up a bottle of Aperol, some Prosecco and a bottle of soda water, and make one at home. Pour 3 ounces of Prosecco, 2 ounces of Aperol, and 1 ounce of soda water (3-2-1!) into an ice-filled glass then sit on the couch, close your eyes and sip. Then make another one, because you’ve already bought all the ingredients and you deserve it.


If you wish you were heading to a seaside town, go to Brooklyn Crab.
This restaurant is Baltimore on the New York Harbor, and for a full staycation experience, maybe you should take a Monday or Tuesday off from work for their all-day $1 oysters and $4 Narragansett special. Their normal happy hour happens weekdays from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. Red Hook doesn’t feel like it’s in New York City already, and Brooklyn Crab takes it a step farther.


If you would rather be at a tiny café somewhere in Europe, catch live music at Bar LunÀtico.
We talk a lot about this bar, because it’s a quiet little gem in Bed-Stuy with exceptional cocktails, good food, a gorgeous backyard and nightly music. What’s not to like? Take a date, watch a band and then emerge a few hours later, happier and fuller, back into your normal life.


If you crave a night in Midtown, check in to Pod 39.
You probably don’t want to live in Midtown, but it’s fun to occasionally pretend. This comfortable hotel boasts Bloomfield tacos and a roof where you can drink to your heart’s content, knowing you only have to go as far as a few floors down. Rooms start around $155 per night.


If you want a bit of luxury, download the One Night app.
Every day, this app gives you deals on rooms at high-end hotels like the Wythe, The Ludlow, The Standard (High Line and East Village) and many more starting at 3 p.m. You should download it for that day when you’re feeling flush, want to celebrate or just really need to get away but your vacation days aren’t allowing it.