5 Pie Recipes for Pi(e) Day

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Tomorrow is an unofficial holiday that we actually believe in. You might remember from your high school math class that 3.14 is the beginning of Pi: the ratio of a circle to its diameter. Given the 3/14 date, March 14 is Pi(e) Day, or as good of an excuse as any to have a slice (we can’t wait to check out the new Four & Twenty location in Prospect Heights) or make your own. Here are five our favorite pie recipes from the archives:

Salty Caramel Apple Pie With a Bourbon Crust

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Photo credit: Allison Davis

I’m not the first to think of putting caramel in an apple pie. Those are the primary flavors of the famous French tarte tatin, but truth be told, I prefer a pie preparation. A certain beloved Brooklyn pie shop makes a salty caramel apple pie that is very good, but I somehow always wish it were more caramely and more salty, so I’ve made mine that way. And for good measure, I add some bourbon too. Get the recipe.

Cardamom and Honey Squash Pie

Photo credit: Allison Davis

Sugar pumpkin, for making pie, is not the same kind you use to carve a jack-o-lantern: its flesh is creamy, sweet and superior for cooking. It’s not always easy to find, so I made this pie with a combination of butternut and kabocha. Any creamy-textured winter squash will be fantastic! I encourage you to experiment. Get the recipe.

Erin McDowell’s Concord Grape Pie

Photo by Mark Weinberg, courtesy of Erin McDowell

It was through Food52’s Instagram that I first saw Erin McDowell’s stunning pies (three cheers for social media making the world small). When I reached out to her seeking pie crust advice, she offered to share a recipe, too — and how could I resist? I’ve never had a Concord grape pie, but Erin says that it’s her “all-time favorite pie, bar none.” Get the recipe.

Petee’s Pie Company’s Nesselrode Pie

Photo Scott Bleicher.

A long-forgotten chestnut creation that one founder calls “the Cronut of 1946,”  the Nesselrode pie represents both the Petee’s Pie Company’s fascination with New York food history and their mission to restore pie to its proper prominence on the city’s food scene in a niche age. Nesselrode is not Petee’s best-seller because it is so unfamiliar, but it should be—the fluffy, airy, barely-hung-together-with-gelatin filling is ethereal and addictive, especially with tart, boozy cherries against the super-flaky crust. Every bite makes you realize many more steps are involved than with apple or pumpkin pies. Get the recipe.

Bubby’s Green Tomato Pie

Photo courtesy of Bubby’s.

Green tomatoes might not be as BLT-ready as some fully developed one-pounders, but with a little more time and effort, they can still be delicious. Frying them might be the first recipe that comes to mind, and for good reason—most fried things are delicious. Pickles are another great option since a green tomato’s texture can lend a satisfying crunch. But perhaps a less considered option is a sweet pie. Get the recipe.