Kevin Alvir’s Essential New York Restaurants

This year, Alvir’s band The Hairs released an album that was picked by Brooklyn Magazine as one of the best of 2016’s best so far.

Fronting a band and working as a freelance illustrator can make you pretty hungry. Just ask Kevin Alvir, the man behind The Hairs, writer of beloved ‘zine The Fanboy Memoirs and Crown Heights connoisseur. This year, he’s released the album While I Hated Life, Barbarian, which was picked by Brooklyn Magazine as one of the best of 2016 so far, and is about to put out the second volume of his ‘zine.

Between playing gigs and the time spent drawing himself into TV shows past and present (this Portlandia cartoon is a favorite), he makes time to hit up small businesses in his neighborhood and beyond for doubles, sushi, tacos and more. Here, he’s illustrated a few of his go-to meals.

Colina Cuervo

edible_KevinHairs_colinacuervoThis Latin/Ecuadorian brunch spot has my favorite coffee in the neighborhood. Dark roast tasting with some blueberry notes. Their breakfast menu is hearty and decadent. My favorite is the pancakes dish. Buttermilk pancakes served with two eggs, a side of chorizo and dulce de leche butter.


A place I like to do dinner at is Gen. It’s a lil’ bit of a walk from my neighborhood. They have quite a selection and great prices. My favorite dish there is the “Snow Melting Roll,” which has a sliver of seared tuna on top with another sliver of foie gras. It’s the kind of flavor experience that one savors and gazes out the window for. It’s that good!!!


I love living in Crown Heights because of the variety of Carribean cuisine I can’t seem to get elsewhere in Brooklyn. If it’s late and I have a little cash in my pocket, I love me a DOUBLE. A double is two pieces of fried dough with a helping of curried chickpeas and a sweet relish in the middle. It’s buttery, spicy and sweet all at once. I usually get two.

Taqueria Milearedible_KevinHairs_taqueriamilear

Mexican Taquerias are certainly in abundance, but my favorite in my neighborhood is Taqueria Milear. Thankfully, it’s close (about two blocks). The burritos always deliver. My personal favorite is the chilaquiles, which is tortilla chips with green sauce served with eggs on top and a side of black beans. I love going there with my good friend/fellow artist and musician Lindsay Mound.


Some nights I am out performing in the LES at the Cakeshop. When I do, I love stopping by Wolfnights. They serve wraps, but they’re quite special and unique. Little genius sandwich wraps. I get one called the Mowgli (I suppose named after the Jungle Book character?). It involves charcoal grilled cauliflower, shallots, spicy pickled pineapple, BBQ potato chips (kinda cray) wrapped in a fennel seed dough wrap. They make the dough on premises.

Illustrations by: Kevin Alvir