Feeds to Follow This Week: Where to Sip Cocktails to Before Summer’s Official End


In the spirit of fostering both virtual and real-life exploration, we’re expanding our “Feeds We’re Following” feature to bring you accounts you can follow for inspiration every week—whether that’s to make a meal, find a specialty grocer or have a fun night out. This week, some of the cocktail spots we’ve been enjoying that are great places to toast to the end of summer.



This is the freshly opened Greenpoint spot from the folks behind Maison Premiere, winners of this year’s James Beard Award for “Outstanding Bar Program”—there’s no way the drinks weren’t going to be good. Enjoy them with oysters, now in their peak season. The Sauvage take on the Negroni, made with the more herbal Contratto Bitter instead of Campari, is a lovely variation.



At Glady’s, of course, you can feel like you’ve just stepped into the Caribbean without leaving Crown Heights year-round. Bar manager Shannon Mustipher—a rum expert—recently showed us how she makes their “Gold Coast,” a punch-inspired drink made with the Indonesian spirit Batavia Arrack, an English rum, lime, house-made pineapple gum syrup, banana syrup, ginger and a touch of nutmeg.



Bar manager Cyllan Hicks recently demonstrated on our Facebook how he makes a delicious take on the whisky sour that doesn’t include any egg whites. His spot, Midnights, is also a great place for late-night food (how about 1 a.m. cauliflower tacos?) and drinks in Williamsburg. The simple but excellent Lime All the Time, made with tequila, mezcal, pomegranate and chili salt is a nice balance of summertime fun and fall warmth.

Super Power


For a taste of tiki that won’t break the bank, head over to Super Power, also in Crown Heights, to spend $20 on a “John the Beachcomber “that’ll make up to three people very merry. The “Slow Reveal” is the showstopper, though, served in a gold pineapple and made smooth thanks to cashew orgeat.  



You’ll feel at ease at Botanica, right next to the Cacao Prieto chocolate factory, where you can enjoy the full line of Widow Jane whiskey and Cacao Prieto rum. The bar’s namesake cocktail, made with the brand’s classic rum and raspberries, is chocolaty, tart and feels incredibly decadent.

Black Tail at Pier A


It’s been difficult to avoid hearing about the opening of Black Tail, a Cuba-inspired bar from the folks behind the classic Dead Rabbit. While the theme is a bit off-putting, the Rum and Coke—made with aged Bacardí, cola syrup, Champagne, Fernet and a bit of bitters—is a fizzy and just-a-touch bitter drink that’s miles away from what you ordered on your 21st birthday.

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