The Best New Local Dairy-Free Options


In the spirit of fostering both virtual and real-life exploration, we’re expanding our Feeds We’re Following feature to bring you accounts you can follow for inspiration every week—whether that’s to make a meal, find a specialty grocer or have a fun night out. This week, the best new locally made non-dairy products that all have deliciousness in common.

NUMU Vegan

Vegan mozzarella has been a hot topic lately, and recently a few have come on the market from nut-cheese companies like Miyoko’s Kitchen and Cheezehound. Now Brooklyn has its very own NUMU, which is being put on pizzas all around town—from Rizzo’s on the Lower East Side, to Paulie Gee’s and Screamer’s in Greenpoint, to many other parlors where you’d never expect to see a dairy-free pie. It’s also used on the flaming saganaki at Ladybird, which is the one thing there that you absolutely must order.

BKLYN Buttah

Forget margarine. This product, from the folks behind New Jersey bakery Om Sweet Home, is made from coconuts and acts just like dairy butter. You can use it as you would in cakes, cookies and buttercreams, or just put a schmear on a toasted bagel. It’s available at excellent shops like Greene Grape and Riverdel, so you know it’s good.

Anita’s Yogurt

Anita’s Yogurt isn’t new, but they’ve been innovating and now offer tiny, adorable glass jars of yogurt with fruit on the bottom. The newest and most exciting news for lovers of the coconut-based yogurt, though, is the vegan parfait bar at the new Whole Foods Williamsburg, where you can get your cup of yogurt topped with granola, fruit and all sorts of other deliciousness.

Three Little Birds Ice Cream

From soft-serve to pints, Three Little Birds has been taking the non-dairy ice cream world by storm. They make the classic flavors you want, like strawberry, peanut butter cup and Rocky Road, as well as mango, matcha and black sesame with homemade mochi. Next time you hit up Dun-Well for a doughnut, get it topped with a scoop.

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