Feeds to Follow: The Rest of the New York Edible Magazines



In the spirit of fostering both virtual and real-life exploration, we’re bringing you Instagram accounts you can follow every week—whether that’s to make a meal, find a specialty grocer or have a fun night out.

This week, we’ve rounded up Edible magazines that cover the rest of New York State, so that you can better plan weekend trips and keep up with what’s happening outside your borough. The Edible community is massive (over 90 publications throughout North America!), so if there are other areas whose food you’d like to keep up on, check out the list of all the publications.

Edible Capital District


For what’s going on in food in and around Albany, there’s no better resource than this regularly updated feed. From cheese to doughnuts to vodka, everything that’s happening is there.

Edible Hudson Valley


New folks have recently stepped in to take over our neighbor to the north, so while this feed hasn’t been updated much in the past, we hope that in 2017 we’ll be able to get a more regular daily glimpse into the gorgeous bounty of the Hudson Valley.

Edible Bronx


One of the newest members of the Edible family is a magazine dedicated to the northernmost borough, a place where incredible food—from Arthur Avenue and beyond—deserves its due.

Edible Queens


Another much-needed addition is Edible Queens, which is making its comeback to focus on the city’s most diverse borough.

Edible Long Island


One of our sister magazines, it tells the story of a place that’s often overlooked but boasts an incredible number of great restaurants, local coffee roasters, breweries and farms that are doing their part.

Edible East End


This summer haven is serving up delicious fare all year round. Make sure you’re up on it.

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