What We’re Reading: August 10, 2015

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Jesse gets his feet wet as an aspiring oysterman. Photo courtesy of Jesse Hirsch

This week our editor Jesse Hirsch is housesitting in Rhode Island while finishing up the Fall issue of Edible Brooklyn (Spoiler: It’s good). Here are his working vacation picks:

Raymond Carver. My lord could this man write devastating short fiction. But maybe not the best beach read? Cheery last line of one story: “God, will you help us, God?” she said.

Chicken tinga. Picked up some local chicken at the South Kingstown Farmers Market with the goal of making tinga tacos. BUT, forgot to buy tomatillo, like a chump.

French dance party. It doesn’t matter what movie this clip is from, or what the French words mean. Just get hypnotized.

Massive hailstorm. I am driving my friend’s Corolla, which has dents and windshield cracks from this freak act of God.

Good Eggs. WTH

Planes Like Vultures. This Le Loup video makes me feel hopeful and disillusioned, in equal parts.

Kingsman. This is the best summer blockbuster I’ve seen in years. So why did they release it in February, the month of garbage and tears?

Mr. Robot. This new show is nominally about Anonymous-style hackers but is really much more — stylish, smart, and so effing intense. (Amirite, Claire?)

Oyster farm. I am working on Tamar Haspel’s oyster farm for a day.

Farm farm. For the last two weeks of August, I’ll be working on a meat and veggie CSA farm on the Vermont/New York border. Goal: learn to eviscerate a chicken.

North Carolina. It’s an open secret that Edible Brooklyn is controlled by North Carolinians. Look into it.

Jesse Hirsch

Formerly the print editor of Edible Brooklyn and Edible Manhattan, Jesse Hirsch now works as the New York editor for GOOD magazine.

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