6 Last-Minute Holiday Picks from Etsy

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Sample nine different salts including Italian black truffle, Spanish rosemary and Cyprus black lava. Photo courtesy of Sullivan Street Tea & Spice Company.

Last month, we featured Etsy’s food program appropriately called “Eatsy.” It’s a twice-weekly catered lunch program that is available to all of the company’s 700-plus employees at each of their nine global offices. True to the website’s mission, Eatsy hopes to scale up without losing its crafty spirit. Not only does the program seem to be achieving this goal, but they’re becoming an “accidental food incubator” by some measures, too.

The holidays have us browsing Etsy’s vendors a little more feverishly than usual (Can we buy our way in to one of those Eatsy lunches?), and we’ve found a few great food and drink gifts made right here in New York.

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite New York-produced crafts and specialty foods, from Filipino pastries to handmade ceramic pour overs. Here’s to hoping that they’ll get here in time for Christmas if we place our order this weekend…

Did we miss anything wonderful? Let us know in the comments.

  • Bibingka, the rice flour and coconut Filipino pastry, comes in flavors like purple yam, jackfruit and plantain, and queso. An $18 order includes eight different-flavored slices, and one reviewer claimed they wish they could give the shop 20 stars out of five.
  • Though not technically edible, we can’t resist these coasters featuring great female scientists. Jane Goodall, Rachel Carson, and Marie Curie will keep your cocktails company as you toast their contributions to their field.
  • These art history lollipops take consuming the classics to the next level. Suck on the Mona Lisa, American Gothic, or Van Gogh, all made with pure cane sugar.
  • Sure it’s a table staple, but salt is anything but basic. Sullivan Street Tea & Spice Shop gets it and has curated this sampler including Italian black truffle, fleur de sel, Thai ginger, Spanish rosemary, roasted garlic, smoked applewood, alaea salt and Cyprus black lava (!).
  • Our morning coffee is something like a sacred ritual, with the equipment sometimes being just as important as the final brew itself. We’re eying the dark indigo glaze on this handmade pour over dripper and can already imagine pairing it with this flecked white mug.
  • If you’ve had homemade pasta, then you know now hard it is to go back to the boxed stuff. If you’re upcoming resolution involves doing more yourself, then consider this Chitarra wooden pasta maker (only one left as we publish this piece!). The Italian-born, New York-made contraption cuts both troccoli and fettuccine with floating wires. Noodles for dinner will never again be a lazy night choice.
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