The Return of Park Slope’s City Sub

City Sub, a beloved neighborhood deli in Park Slope, was kicked out of its building in 2014 to make room for new apartment units. When their landlord announced the news, the owner of the shop decided to give up the business and move to Brazil. He entrusted the local legacy he had spent over two decades building to his longest standing employee, Thomas Moran.

One year later, Moran has taken over the business, re-naming it “City Subs” but keeping almost everything else exactly as it was. He partnered with two of his long-time customers to raise the money necessary for the move, then spent several months looking for a location where they could reconnect with their loyal customers, some of whom come from other boroughs just to buy a sandwich and a bag of chips.

As other local businesses continue to fold, the new City Subs presents a rare moment of neighborhood revival — served on fresh Italian bread.

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