This $20 Book Buys You Wine Deals Across Brooklyn

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brooklyn wine book
The book hopes to help people broaden their oenophilic horizons. Photo credit: Brokelyn

Drinking wine in Brooklyn gets expensive fast — especially if you’re buying by the glass. The lovely folks at Brokleyn understand your plight (and they’re sympathetic to beer drinkers too). They just released their first-ever Brooklyn Wine Book, a $20 collection of 20 tickets that buy you two-for-one deals at bars around Brooklyn. The tickets are valid through May of 2016, and the wine bars they rep skew “unstuffy and inventive.”

Some of our favorite bars, including Bed-Vyne Brew, Pair Wine & Cheese, Aita Trattoria, Speedy Romeo and the Greene Grape Annex are all participating. Curator and wine expert Rachel Signer handpicked some of her favorite spots from around the borough focusing on places with interesting wine programs. “Many of them have a unique approach; for example June Bar serves interesting natural wines, and Humboldt & Jackson features domestic producers exclusively,” she says.

Signer encourages people to use the book to broaden their oenophilic horizons. “The book is essentially a passport to all these great places. You can really get a great wine education just by visiting these places and trying what they serve by-the-glass.” Split the cost with a friend or settle in for a couple solo glasses after work (or during) — it might help your creative juices flow.

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