6 Instagram Accounts We Follow Obsessively

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Need a little extra Insta-spiration now that spring vegetables are finally here? We’ve got you covered with these New York-based talents who find the beauty in everyday life and share accordingly.


Ariel Lauren Wilson: Emily Kay Bachman
I’m a sucker for natural light, nature and food when it comes to Instagram. @emilykaybachman combines the three with the added bonus of also being a Brooklyn resident — it’s just so cool to see where I live through someone else’s eyes. She’s an avid contributor to our #EBdailypic feed, which is where I originally came across her profile while on the hunt for regrams to share on the @ediblebrooklyn account. Follow her for the lucious leafy greens and the occasional urban roving shot.


Talia Ralph: Sydney Kramer
I was lucky enough to meet Sydney Kramer, the renaissance woman behind Crepes of Wrath, over several rounds of hot dogs and tater tots a few weekends ago. However, while I’m apt to follow people I like on Instagram, Kramer’s photos have an edginess and darkness you don’t always see in food photography. They’re pretty, sure, but something about the shadow and light, splatters and crumbles suggests that life is more complicated than a beautiful slice of cake or a plate of sunny-side up eggs. And that, I love.


Carolina Lange: Amanda Arnold
Amanda Arnold is the assistant web editor over at Saveur, and her Instagram is part what’s-happening-in-the-kitchen-over-there, part what-I’m-reading, part #tbt and part New-York-is-a-beautiful-place. I love it — I think because while her photographs are beautiful, they’re not from an aspirational food blog, but instead from someone who just really loves food, and reading and New York.

todd coleman

Gabrielle Langholtz: Todd Coleman
As the longtime executive food editor of Saveur, Todd Coleman did it all – ran the test kitchen, masterminded recipes, shot features and styled and shot the majority of the magazine’s covers. In other words, you already love his work. But his instagram feed is more like the kind of searing stuff you’d expect to see on the wall at the ICP. Powerful city-street-scene moments with haunting captions like “His idea was to wait until dark” or  “the information was to be diverted into their pockets.” If you’re looking for porn shots of a BLT, too bad.

carey nershi

Sari Kamin: Carey Nershi
I was going to say @hotdudesreading, but this is a food magazine, so….Carey Nershi is a Vermont based food blogger and stylist. Her photos make wooden knives sexy and mushrooms moody. Follow her for all things delicious and beautiful, plus she has a penchant for unusual utensils, intriguing textures, and lovely nature shots.


Claire Brown: Saipua
It’s rare to find an Instagram presence that successfully combines bone-dry humor with immaculate flower photography, but Sarah at Saipua pulls it off with panache. She runs a small-batch soap and flower arranging shop out of Brooklyn but spends much of her time on her farm, where she raises a few sheep and writes a blog that is at once blisteringly funny and devastatingly honest about the realities of farm life and running a small business. Even if, like me, you have zero interest in flower arranging, you’ll find yourself checking in on her periodically for the writing alone.

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