Yes We Can: 4 Ways NYC Makes Kitchen Composting Easy

compost flickr/kristyhall

compost flickr/kristyhall
Our innovation issue includes a story on a compost miracle rehabilitating a superfund site, one windrow at a time.

But you don’t need to schlepp your scraps to Gowanus — or even a Greenmarket, where over a million pounds of food waste was collected last year — to transform your grapefruit rinds and coffee grinds into fertile black gold. We’ve got several resources to help you decompose:

1. The official NYC “WasteLess” department (love them!) offers everything from compost-bin-construction plans to worm workshops.

2. Move over, San Francisco — NYC is now rolling out compost pick-up. Now residents can plop their carrot tops and pizza crusts on the curb, in pilot sections of all 5 boroughs! Naturally, Park Slope is among them. (Not in one of the lucky nabes? Check out these drop-off locations)

3. Remember — compost isn’t just for produce. As we investigated, those compostable cups, containers and cutlery all over town are literally worse than plastic when they land in a landfill. (Crazy, right?)

4. The Compostess — New York is now home to a worm-bin whisperer, and yes, she makes house calls. This master composter may not wear a cape, but she’s a superhero when it comes to setting up kitchen systems (hello, red wriggler worm bin!) and keeping it all fruit-fly free.

Photo credit: Flickr / kristyhall

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