Not Your Same Ol’ Bag of Chocolates: Our Editors’ Halloween Picks from Good Eggs

Candies are usually the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about Halloween, but while we reap the benefits of the fall harvest, that shouldn’t be the only thing. Here are our editors’ picks from Good Eggs to help inspire your trick or treating plans.

Caroline LangeApple cider from Fishkill Farms
At this time of year, I crave apple cider from the Greenmarket — frosty from the tin pail full of ice chips, or hot from the steamy and precarious-looking urn behind the checkout table. With a cider doughnut.

Lauren WilsonSmall seasonal bouquet
Sure, it’s the day of the dead, but until the frosts kill everything off, I like to celebrate what’s living. Colder snaps will be here before we know it, so give me flowers while we’ve got ’em.

Gabrielle Langholtz: Pocket-sized pears
Good things come in small packages, and I’m not talking about October ‘s “fun size” Butterfingers. I’m talking about seckel pears, the wee-but-sweet fruits that are no bigger than your pinky when fully mature. I first came across these pocket-sized pears at the Locust Grove Fruit stand at Greenmarket a decade ago and have sought them since. Sure, they’re a handy snack, but I love to peel them and preserve them whole, candied or brandied. Pick up these petite pears now and give them by the pretty pint in December.

Eleonore BuschingerOlive 0il and herbs microwave popcorn
I have more of a savory tooth so I usually let my friends empty the Halloween candy basket and focus all my energy on the savory treats. I can see these olive oil and herbs microwave popcorns winking at me. Who casted a spell on them?

Photo credit: Good Eggs NYC

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