RECIPE: 3 Easy Winter Salads, Raw and Roasted

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Whether due to resolutions or post-holiday indulgence, many of us are wanting to eat something green once January rolls around. There are still a couple months to go until the produce selection at the farmers market becomes significantly more diverse, but thank heavens for those few leaves that seem to be on a year-round  rotation.

Here are three winter-appropriate recipes from our archives to help inspire you to take advantage of what’s available in the (apparently not so) dead of winter:

1. Raw kale salad with peanut-honey dressing — Edible Brooklyn Cookbook
From Stacey Murphy, the founder of BK Farmyards, we’ve got a salad that “became a favorite of vegetable-scorning high school kids.” The dressing for this simple salad is made from a handful of common pantry staples, with sesame seeds maybe being the most exotic ingredient. Get your fresh kale and a few lemons and you’re set.

2. Roasted parsnip and kale salad — Eat Ink
We like this recipe so much that we’re borrowing it from our sister publication, Edible ManhattanParsnips might be an acquired taste for some, but paired with some chili flakes, apples and a little bacon, it makes for a satisfying winter dish. It comes to us from Lish Steiling, assistant food stylist at the Today Show.

3. Pickled herring and potato salad with crème fraîche and dill — Edible Brooklyn Cookbook
Potatoes are winter produce stalwarts and can surprise you if dressed up a little. We revisit our cookbook for this recipe from chef Peter Berley. It’s intended to inspire us eaters to continue our locavore habits during the winter months, and with ingredients like smoked fish from Acme Smoked Fish, it does just that.

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