Because You Can, Take a Beekeeping Class in Brooklyn This Winter

A Brooklyn-based beekeeping class. Credit: Facebook/HoneybeeLives — Beekeeping Classes — Apiary Services


Local honey in New York is kind of like Windex in “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” — it’s relatively inexpensive and offers a solution to every problem. I’ve heard claims that it cures allergies, helps digestion, boosts energy, tightens skin when applied topically and even acts as a natural Viagra. So if you have a little extra roof or backyard space, why not tend your own hive (because it’s legal, y’know)?

HoneybeeLives Organic Beekeeping Classes, coming to Brooklyn on February 21 and 22, take the fear out of the first season of beekeeping. The classes — which advocate for an approach to beekeeping that respects the bees’ natural instincts and seeks to better understand their lives —  take place in time to start a new hive in the spring and teach students how to plan hives, construct them and maintain them. The folks at HoneyBeeLives can also help you figure out where and when to buy equipment. They were the recipients of Edible Hudson Valley’s Annual Local Hero Awards in 2012, and they also offer classes upstate. To register for classes visit their website or call 845.255.6113.

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