Oslo Coffee Roasters Prepares to Re-open Bedford Avenue Shop

Back in early January, a fire devastated Williamsburg coffee company Oslo Roastery’s Bedford Avenue store. The damage was so extensive that they were only able to salvage their espresso machine (pretty important for a coffee shop!) and a few charred LPs. But four months and lots of hard work later, they’re nearly ready to open their doors for business once again.

Oslo’s phoenix-like rise from the ashes has been possible in no small part thanks to the support of their neighbors and network of coffee shop buddies. We wrote earlier this year about fellow Williamsburg shop Blue Bottle Coffee holding a latte art competition to help raise money for the renovation. But Oslo tell us that other local businesses, patrons and neighbors also helped out by supporting them, holding fundraising events and even feeding them at their restaurants.

And it sounds like they’re itching to show their gratitude to those that helped out. “We are really excited to get the door open again and say ‘thank you’ to everyone in the community who has been so supportive,” Oslo co-owner Kathy Uggen-Merget told us. Hopefully we won’t have long to wait: they’re aiming to be back up-and-running by early June.

Jeanne Hodesh

Jeanne Hodesh is a Brooklyn-based writer, eater, Greenmarket regular, and home cook. She grew up in the kitchen of her parent’s bed and breakfast on the Penobscot Bay in Maine where she squeezed fresh orange juice and fell in love with the rhythm of restaurants. An only child who used to amuse herself by telling tales, she always knew she wanted to write. She studied at Sarah Lawrence College, and upon graduation dove into the media-happy town that is New York City. After a year working for an art magazine company she realized people in the food industry have much more fun and always know where the parties are. She has written for Saveur, Edible Brooklyn, Edible Manhattan, Edilble East End, and Time Out New York. She started the e-newsletter Local Gourmands in the winter of 2008.

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