Here’s to You, Bill Maxwell — Greenmarket Veteran to Retire

bill_maxwell_48_cropped Scott Gordon Bleisher

bill_maxwell_48_cropped Scott Gordon BleisherIf you frequent the Grand Army Plaza, Union Square or UN markets, then you may have seen his sprawling stand. If you’ve dined at Franny’s, ABC Kitchen, ABC Cocina, or any of Peter Hoffman’s Back Forty spots, then you may have eaten the products of his labor. On a larger scale, if you care about the local food movement in Brooklyn (or, heck, the whole of New York), then you should thank farmer Bill Maxwell, who has been selling at the Greenmarkets for three decades.

As our own Rachel Wharton reported earlier this week in the New York Times, Bill will retire next month. We’re long time fans of his work and even had the great honor of publishing one of his stories back in 2010.

As he prepares for retirement, we want to express our gratitude for his important and influential work promoting local food systems. Here’s to hoping for more trailblazers like you, Bill!

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