FROM OUR RECIPE ARCHIVES: The Forrest Gump Cocktail

FG CocktailThe Forrest Gump cocktail from Nick and Toni’s Cafe features Brooklyn’s own Cacao Prieto Cacao Rum, which we wrote about here in the magazine (Haven’t tried Cacao Prieto yet? You can at next week’s Good Spirits, our cocktail and food pairing extravaganza.). It goes down easy with some Valentine’s chocolate, just saying…

The Forrest Gump Cocktail
from Nick and Toni’s Cafe

2 ounces Cacao Prieto’s Don Rafael Cacao Rum
1 ounce Compass Box Orangerie
1/2 ounce Ramos Pinto Ruby Port

VIGOROUSLY shake all ingredients with ice. Strain into chilled martini glass.

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