3 Behind-the-Scenes Instagrams from Pig Mountain Roast and Veggie Fest

Melissa Gorman / Martha
Martha’s pig ready for the pit. It was stuffed with pineapple, orange, onion and siu haau sauce, as well as wrapped in banana leaves and burlap. Credit: Melissa Gorman / Martha

Last week, we wrote a shout out to the Pig Mountain roast and veggie fest that was set for this past weekend in the Catskills. Briefly, this punk meets pork gathering brought 14 chefs together to prepare and serve one common dish: a banana leaf wrapped hog that was roasted in the ground for 24 hours.

We were bummed that we couldn’t make it up to Narrowsburg, NY ourselves, but while stalking attendees on Instagram this past weekend, we caught some behind the scenes glimpses worth sharing.

Our picks come from the team at Martha (formerly known as The Brooklyn Sandwich Society), where chef Andres Valbuena leads the kitchen. You may have caught our Pig Mountain preview with him from last week where he gave us a short description of his plans for the mighty hog. We were so intrigued, we had to follow along via their Instagram, and judging from these shots, we’re sure glad (if not unapologetically envious) that we did.

Here’s what the actual pig roast was like in a couple of Melissa Gorman’s (of Martha restaurant) own images and words:

“The main highlight [of the event] was the environment: being at a boy scout camp, everyone cooking in a huge communal kitchen, having fun, sharing and helping each other… with no cell service. It was a great escape from our normal routine. The event itself was incredible since we’re just feeding people non-stop for four hours. The lines never ended. We didn’t even have time to taste anyone else’s dishes. We can’t wait to go back next year.”

Melissa Gorman / Martha
The pits. Credit: Melissa Gorman / Martha
Melissa Gorman / Martha
This is actually a still from a video of Andres transporting the pig to the pit. Thankfully, his toss was perfect! Check out the Martha Instagram account for the whole clip. Credit: Melissa Gorman / Martha
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Lauren is the former editor-in-chief of Edible Manhattan and Edible Brooklyn.

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