Turkey’s In the Oven

Kneading the butterhorn rolls

Out in the Midwest, Thanksgiving is well under way. We’ve finished the 5K Pilgrim Run, the turkey’s in the oven, the pies are resting on the table (one a pumpkin pie made from a green-striped cushaw squash we scored at the local farmers market, one a maple bourbon pecan a la Martha Stewart and one a green tomato pie made with the last of the tomato harvest from my mom’s edible garden) and the rolls are rising in the warmest spot in the house. Three dishes left to make and we’ll be ready to chow down.

We at Edible hope your turkey day is going according to plan. We’ll be signing off now and heading back to the kitchen, but first, here’s a tip from one of our editors:

At left, the green-striped cushaw. At right, my son Dante for scale.

“don’t toss out the turkey carcass tonight – make STOCK with it! absurdly easy/delicious/nourishing/FREE. stick em in a pot, cover with water, simmer overnight. or use a crockpot. or toss in freezer to make stock later.
even better w veg trimmings saved while cooking – eg onion /carrot peels, leek tops, celeriac skin, celery bottoms, thyme or parsley stems etc. and leftover wine (even from ppl’s glasses -it gets boiled anyway). freeze stock and deploy in killer soup anytime.
if you’re giving thanks at a friend’s house, ask if you can take the carcass–friends dont let friends waste bones!”

Happy Thanksgiving, dear readers. May your turkey be moist, your pie crust flaky, and your pants stretchy.

Michael Harlan Turkell

Michael Harlan Turkell is a former photo editor of Edible Brooklyn, who walked the borough in sights of cultural cuisine at its best. Now he travels the world doing the same, bringing these ideas and foods to light as a photographer.

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