Save Fort Defiance: Buy Junk Bonds Today!

Hurricane Sandy’s waters may have receded, but the damage she left in her wake is far from gone.  Many of our friends in Red Hook, like St. Frizell, owner of the area’s much beloved cafe and bar Fort Defiance (which we wrote about here in our magazine when it opened), are struggling to get their businesses up and running again.  Frizell reached out with this plea for help rebuilding, which we thought we’d share:

Dear friends of Fort Defiance,

As you may know, our restaurant was badly damaged by Hurricane Sandy. Our basement was completely submerged by the flood waters, and we got about a foot of water in the dining room. We lost tens of thousands of dollars worth of equipment and inventory, and we’ve been closed since the storm. Even now, most of our neighbors are still without power. Our insurance company isn’t giving us one thin dime, and all the government offers are disaster loans. So we’re taking it to you, our friends: please help us rebuild!

Here’s the deal: For a limited time, we’re selling our new, beautiful gift certificates (designed by ex-Fortie Jen Storch) on our website at TWICE their value. You give us $20, we send you $10 in gift certificates. You send us $1000, we send you $500 in gift certificates. Got it? Junk bonds—not worth what you pay for them! It’s a terrible deal for you, but we really need the money! They would make a great holiday gift for the cocktail lover in your life. Each gift certificate is decorated with an illustration of a cocktail luminary from the past (or present) by a Brooklyn-based comic book artist. The back of each bill shows the water of New York Harbor, that harsh mistress that paid us a calamitous visit two weeks ago. 

I’m also on the advisory board of ReStore Red Hook, a nonprofit raising funds to help the small businesses of Red Hook. Please visit that website to see what we’re doing to help, or to make a tax-deductibe donation. We would really appreciate your support in our hour of need. Please forward this email to all of your sympathetic friends and allies, recommend it on Facebook, tweet it, blog about it, etc. 

Here are the particulars:
Twitter: @fortdefiance
Thank you so much for your help, and I hope to see you soon at Fort Defiance!


St. John Frizell
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