Bourdain’s Last Meal? For No Reservations, it’s in Brooklyn.

“When did pastrami qualify as a exotic, international cuisine?” jokes The Post in today’s paper, reacting to the news that Anthony Bourdain’s last episode of No Reservations was filmed in Brooklyn.

The pastrami in question is from a deli on Avenue U and East 28th Street called Jay & Lloyds reports the Post, where Bourdain’s last photo snap from the show’s production was captured. But, dear readers, we know brisket’s not the only thing being made in the borough of Kings. Try… um, nearly every cuisine on the globe, maybe give or take a few regions of Asia and Mexico.

Here’s to hoping Tony found them all, specially since his last trip to the outer boroughs (back in 2009) was a short visit to the Marlow and Diner compound in South Williamsburg, when the Meat Hook’s Tom Mylan was still the head butcher. Having seen it multiple times, we know if you watch it, you’ll be making a beeline for Diner’s old booths by the end of the show.


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