Tomorrow at Zuccotti Park, Marion Nestle and Anna Lappe Speak at Occupy Against Big Food; Plus 5 Articles to Read Before You Go

For those seeking a way to use Occupy Wall Street as a way  to discuss much-needed shifts in public food policy, be sure to head to the entrance of Zuccotti Park at 140 Broadway tomorrow at 1 p.m.  for “Occupy Against Big Food.” With help from Food Democracy Now, local food activists are organizing a series of speakers that will include some serious heavy hitters in food policy and reform, like NYU Nutrition, Food Studies, and Public Health professor Marion Nestle and Brooklynite Anna Lappe, who founded the Small Planet Institute.

If you can’t attend–it goes till 4 p.m.–Food Democracy Now is asking you to at least write a message of support for event.  They’ve also sent out a list of interesting articles about Occupy and its relationship to food policy and reform, which we’re going to post right here.

Great Reading Material, as Compiled by Food Democracy Now:

1. “Finally Making Sense on Wall Street”, Mark Bittman, New York Times:

2. “The Food Movement Must Occupy Wall Street,” Kristin Wartman, Huffington Post:

3. “Why the Food Movement Should Occupy Wall Street”, Siena Chrisman, Civil Eats:

4. “Foodies Get Thee To Occupy Wall Street”, Tom Philpott, Mother Jones:

5. “If You Eat, You Better Occupy Wall Street”, David Murphy, Huffington Post:

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