The Times Profiles Greenwood Heights, and its Current Role as a Candy-Making Center of Commerce

Greenwood Heights, by Chang W. Lee/The New York Times

In case you missed the Times real estate section this weekend–not that there was anything important happening to distract you from reading the paper or your paperperson from delivering it–we just wanted to call your attention to a nice little write up on Greenwood Heights, also known as South Slope. It focuses not just on what it’s like to live in the area near the lovely cemetery of the same name, but on the area’s past and present as a hub for candy-, chocolate- and dessert-making.

One of those companies now making sweets includes La Newyorkina, the Mexican ices and desserts company run by Fany Gerson out of a shared commercial catering kitchen in an old banana warehouse along the water.  (Technically she works just barely over the border in Sunset Park.) Gerson is currently making some incredible popsicles, which are called as paletas in Mexico and by the many Mexicans who now live, funnily enough, near her shop. Flavored with fresh coconut, chilies, lime, mango and so on, her paletas are some of the very best things we’ve tasted this summer, which is why we chose to profile her on our NY1 segment last week. Be sure to check them out (find out where right here) along with the rest of Greenwood Heights.


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