The Hendrick’s Gin Cartoon Caption Contest: Winners Get Two Tickets to an Invite-Only Edible Dinner in “The Enchanted Forest”

Your Caption Here. (See winners below!) Illustration by Bambi Edlund

With apologies to the New Yorker, we’re pleased as Hot Gin Punch to present the Hendrick’s Gin cartoon caption contest. With help from this artisanal, small-batch gin, we’re offering three lucky readers who can best caption the image above two seats apiece to an invitation-only Edible Brooklyn: The Cookbook dinner inside “The Hendrick’s Enchanted Forest,” the pretty awesome indoor forest installation they’re bringing to Brooklyn for the very first time.

Emceed by the editor of that cookbook (that would be me) it’ll be a communal dinner at 6 p.m. on Wednesday, December 14. We’ve only got room for 25 people at the table, which’ll be parked in a secret Williamsburg loft tricked out with decor that seems like a cross between Freemans and that music video for “Don’t Come Around Here No More,” where Tom Petty channels Alice in Wonderland. 

Seem a little over the top? That’s our intention. Hey, this is Brooklyn! And Hendrick’s, makers of “the delightfully curious gin.”

But on to more important things, meaning the food and the drink. The latter are gin cocktails being custom-created by Hendrick’s for each dish. The former is 100% Edible Brooklyn. Each dish is from a recipe in the brand-new Edible Brooklyn: The Cookbookand it’ll be presented by the creator of the dish. Below is a list of who’s what you’ll be eating. The Hendrick’s cocktails, paired with each course, will be revealed tableside.

In other words, you’re dining with the best of the Brooklyn food and drink world. If you’re invited, that is. Get cracking on captions, which you can post in the comments below, or on the Edible Brooklyn Facebook page.


1. The Beer Table’s white bean puree on toast
2. Local beekeeper extraordinaire (she hosts citywide classes through Honeybee Lives) Grai St. Clair Rice’s roasted nuts with chilies and honey
3. CSA leader and competitive cooking champ Karol Lu’s parsnip soup (served in a teacup, no less)
4. The Brooklyn Kitchen’s roast chicken with fermented vegetables, served in their massive cast iron pans
5. Chanterelle pasta from Chef Saul Bolton (Saul, The Vanderbilt, The Nighthawk)
6. An Autumn Plate Licker Cake served on a wooden plank and crafted by The Good Batch, which makes all those superior stroopwafels you might’ve spotted at Smorgasberg

UPDATE 12/12/2011: Our three lucky winners have been selected. They are:

“A rose by any other name is a cucumber, look it up if you don’t believe me.”–Alex Schkrutz, Manhattan

“It’s about time you quit guerkin my chain and give it to me straight.”–Jesse Sanchez, Brooklyn

“I thought you said the Hendrick’s Gin would put a little hair on my chest? I look like Colonel Sanders!” –Shannon Sturgis, Brooklyn


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