Only in Williamsburg, Part II, Sort Of. From Denmark, the “Williamsburg Hipster Ale”

Evil Twin Brewery’s The Williamsburg Hipster Ale, photographed with a Hipstamatic app on an iPhone (aka its natural environment).

Earlier today we were talking about the locavore gift baskets we found at a Williamsburg corner store. Now we’re just back from a trip to Spuyten Duyvil Grocery–the Williamsburg beer shop in the mini-mall on Bedford Avenue at North Sixth Street–and stumbled across this beauty of a brew from Evil Twin Brewers in Denmark. We’re just sad we didn’t stumble in time for it be part of our annual Alcohol Issue, which just hit the streets.

The label sums it up pretty well, we think: “Perhaps you’ve heard of a single hop beer, where a brewer showcases the qualities of just one hop. Well this is something entirely different–a single hip beer–our tribute to our favorite hipster neighborhoods from across the globe. This super-cool, disheveled little pale ale is dedicated to Williamsburg, Brooklyn. It’s an homage to skinny jeans, converse, vintage clothing and all things local. Sent to you lovingly 4,000 miles away from the beautiful island of Fano, Denmark. Cheers, hipsters!”

“Very Lagunitas,” said one taster. Somehow, we find that appropriate, though perhaps it should really taste summon up PBR or Genny Cream Ale. At any rate, The Williamsburg Hipster Ale is 5.5% alcohol and costs $8 at SDG for 11.5 ounces of beer. Somehow, we find that appropriate too.


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