Additions to our Winter Issue: Online Editions, Three Extra Recipes and One Correction

Drink up: Our current edition is all about alcohol.

If you haven’t yet found a copy of the new winter issue of Edible Brooklyn, you always can read the whole issue right here online. (Though don’t forget that should you choose to subscribe, not only is the print version delivered right to your door, you also get the free Edible app.)

As usual, we’ve also got a few extras here in the digital sphere, which we think you’ll like: The recipe for Judge Mike Pesce’s Limoncello, from a story (“The Lure of Limoncello“) on his annual making of the bright-yellow Italian digestif. And from our profile of One Girl Cookies in Cobble Hill (“Cookie Monsters“) recipes for two of their incredible sweets–Spiced Ginger Oatmeal Drops and Fresh Pumpkin Pie with Salty Roasted Pepitas.

Last but not least, we have a correction. It’s from our profile of Union Beer Distributors in Williamsburg (“It takes a fleet of forklifts to take one down and pass it around”), which delivers all of the Anheuser-Busch products consumed in the borough of Brooklyn and also a great number of the bottles and kegs of craft beer sold around New York City.

In that piece, we mistakenly reported that Manhattan Beer Distributors delivers Anheuser-Busch products in Manhattan, Queens and the Bronx. Instead, that company is actually the appropriately named Anheuser-Busch Distribution of NYC Inc., while Manhattan distributes Coors and Sam Adams. Manhattan wrote to call us on the error and we’re glad they did, because like Union, they also curate a large portfolio of craft beers for some of our favorite bars in the city.

If all this sounds a bit confusing; read our Union Beer piece: Beyond giving you a peek behind the scenes at Union Beer’s amazing warehouse, it explains a bit about how beer distribution laws and contracts mean many companies like Union and Manhattan are driving dozens of trucks around our streets everyday.

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