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How Heirloom Seeds Get “Rooftop-Ready”

Many farmers take a break while the fields are frozen. Not Zach Pickens. He’s in the business of saving and selling “Rooftop Ready” seeds that are regionally adapted for New York City gardens.

EDIBLE GLIMPSES: Brownsville Farm

Biking home through Brownsville, Nora Painten couldn’t help noticing an overgrown vacant lot on Rockaway Avenue, just across from P.S. 323, soaking up the sun. Lots of paperwork and $24,282 through Kickstarter later, Painten now runs a vibrant school garden in the space, teaching little fingers how to plant garlic and teenagers how to turn compost, among other garden tasks.

IN OUR CURRENT ISSUE: Balcony-friendly farming

In our current issue, Gabrielle Langholtz comments on the new gardening book (no relation to this magazine) Edible Balconies: Growing Fresh Produce in Small Spaces. Read her story and learn more about the book’s DIY ideas for balcony-friendly farming.

IN OUR CURRENT ISSUE: A Greenhouse Grows in Brooklyn

In our latest issue, Ann Monroe introduces us to BrightFarms, the company planning to grow a million pounds of produce a year in a 2-acre, state-of-the-art hydroponic greenhouse on a warehouse rooftop in Sunset Park. Read the story for more on the plan to bring hyperlocal veggies to the Borough of Kings.

Boswyck Farms Is All Wet

The 49-year-old with a curly mop of hair and slightly hippie sensibility was a computer programmer until just three years ago.

A Brownsville Farm Could Use Your Muscle, and Your Battery-Powered Drill

The Brownsville Student Farm we wrote about a few months ago is looking for help building planter beds and an outdoor classroom and pavilion. The organizers have had wood donated but need the tools, skilled laborers and also those who will just lift and carry. If you have power tools, construction skills or would just like to help build on one of their March volunteer days (4, 10, 11, 17, 24, 25) please let them know. If you’re nervous, go on the 4th — it’s a site clean-up day. Last but not least, if you’re looking to get rid of a pickup truck, they could use a donation. You can connect with the farm via Twitter @BrownsvilleFarm.

Art of the Heirloom at the Horticultural Society of New York Opens Tonight

Even if you have brown thumbs and prefer concrete to cultivation, we’re going to bet you’ll agree the 23 heirloom seed packets commissioned by the Hudson Valley Seed Library are real beauties. Starting tonight their Art Packs will be on display until March 2 in Manhattan at The Horticultural Society of New York at 148 West 37th Street in an exhibit called the Art of the Heirloom. (There’s a preview talk from 6 to 8 pm tonight, to attend, RSVP in the comments of this page.)

Bushwick’s Big Bash is This Friday: The Winter Solstice Party

If you’ve gotten your hands on our current issue, you probably want to a) hit the Bushwick Farmers’ Market’s Winter Solstice Feast and b) encourage the spread of hydroponic gardening by Bushwick master Lee Mandell, who runs Boswyck Farms in the nabe. The Winter Solstice Feast this year–it’s this Friday, December 16; RSVP today–will support all of the above.