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Our 13 Most Read Stories of 2013

Since we publish the stuff, we’re naturally biased toward celebrating all of our content. We’re here for you though, reader, and are always curious about which stories you enjoy most.


These days, some of Brooklyn’s Greenmarkets are buzzing in more ways than one. They’ve got a new—and very popular—table, heavy with brown bottles labeled “Bad Seed Cider.”

Could Apple Become the New Grape?

It’s too soon to tell, but the tides, they are a changing. Sales of cider were up 23 percent last year and big beer manufacturers are buying stakes in the emerging market, says David Flaherty, operations and bar manager at Hearth and Terroir Wine Bars and a blogger of all things alcoholic. And at least for one day the humble apple ruled the roost at the Astor Center.

Cider Salon: A Sneak Peak of What’s to Come

Join us on Tuesday, September 18th from 6 to 8 pm at Cider Salon, a public tasting event previewing the hard ciders that will also featured during Cider Week, October 12-21. In addition to hard cider from more than a dozen regional cider producers, the Cider Salon will feature local cheeses from Murray’s Cheese and Cabot Cheese, and breads from Orwashers.