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One Great Drink: The Manzanotta Tequila Cocktail

While bartender contests are usually not our scene (don’t you HATE it when you get a recipe that calls for three things you’ve never even heard of, let alone have in your pantry?), there was one drink at the Don Julio Tequila cocktail competition at Good Spirits we tried that we absolutely have to, and can easily, make at home.

EDIBLE GLIMPSES: Good Spirits on Our Minds

It feels like we’ve been counting down the days to Good Spirits, our annual cocktail and food pairing extravaganza, FOREVER. But it’s finally almost here! Only six more days until we’ll be sipping cocktails that transport us to warm, sunny beaches and devouring pork belly sliders, Island Creek oysters and so much more.

EDIBLE EVENTS: Join Us Tonight at How to…Prepare a Mexican Feast

Hungry? Our events calendar has loads of Edible events around the city, like Good Spirits, our fourth annual food and cocktail pairing extravaganza on February 21st. Join us for a night of handcrafted cocktails (and pairings!), like Eden Ice Cider’s Basil Bellini paired with a selection of Salumeria Rosi Parmacotto’s salumi. Get your tickets while you still can. Here’s what’s happening this week.