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Win Two Tickets to Dinner with Glenn Roberts of Anson Mills on Wednesday Night

Sadly we can’t claim Anson Mills as our own local producer, but we’re damn proud to eat the product all the same. Owner Glenn Roberts, the South Carolina miller who runs the company, has got to be one of the most cutting-edge guys in the country when it comes to finding, sourcing and saving heirloom and artisanal grains like corn, wheat and rice–including many varieties that were nearly impossible to find.

What are You Drinking Now? Your Answer Could Score Tickets to Edible Manhattan’s First Cocktail Party of 2012

Our biggest events of the year, held in conjunction with Edible Manhattan, are the annual Uncorked and Good Beer, two massive tastings at BAM that focus on locally made wines and the region’s best craft beers and breweries, as well as the foods that go with them. But we don’t want to give Manhattan (or local distillers and liquor importers) short shrift, and that’s why together we put together a series of smaller cocktail-centered fests called Good Spirits