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As you may already know, we’ve teamed up with Brooklyn Brewery for this Wednesday’s “How to Prepare a Korean Feast” event. We’re happy to be joining with a few local Korean food specialists, including the much-loved Kimchi Taco, who will share demos, discussion, and (our favorite) samples. And only $5!

The Drive-In Dinner

Hear that? It’s the sound of food trucks rolling to a stop at the Brooklyn Brewery for the Drive-In Dinner. We challenge you to find another event in Brooklyn (or Manhattan or Queens or Staten Island) where you can get a 5-course meal from food trucks with beer pairings from the Brooklyn Brewery…and all for $40.

Ingredient Driven

They sharpened their skills in the locavoric art of Find the Best Ingredients—be that a cheese, a cured meat, a root or tuber—And Do Very Little to Them.